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Conservation Organizations

Citizens Conservation Corps of West Virginia (CCCWV)

The Mission of the CCCWV is to conduct projects and programs that:
  • Strengthen and revitalize our communities;
  • Provide self-esteem, educational enhancements and employment opportunities through meaningful work experiences for both youth and adults; and
  • Conserve, develop, and enhance our state’s natural resources.


Museums and Archives

(Cross check with http://www.ccclegacy.org/CCC_Museums.html)

Smithsonian Institution

The museum acquired many pieces of memorabilia in 2008 when the CCC Museum in St. Louis closed. During 1008, there was a CCC exhibition with rotating displays.  See American History Museum announcement.  Also, see press release for American History Museum CCC acquisition of materials.

NACCCA - National Association of CCC Alumni   NACCCA (now merged with the Camp Roosevelt Legacy Foundation) is the center for the preservation of CCC heritage.  Originally formed in 1979 as an alumni association, the facility is a museum and archives.  Their website displays lists of CCC camps that can be reviewed by State, camp number, agency number, and camp location.  This website is a valuable tool for those who are researching locations and their corresponding members.  The West Virginia Civilian Conservation Corps Museum Association wishes to acknowledge the NACCCA for assistance and materials, some of which are in this Website.

James F. Justin Civilian Conservation Corps    An Online Museum of Histories, Items, Stories, Links and Photographs Regarding the CCC.  Get your thinking cap on when you visit this site.  It is chock full of information.

Conservation Corps State Museum, Camp San Luis Obispo, California

CCC Museum, Roscommon, Michigan

Florida Civilian Conservation Corps Museum, Sebring, Florida

Highlands Hammock State Park Civilian CCC Museum

New York State Civilian Conservation Corps Museum  Maps, historical documents, and many pictures and can be found on this site.

The Northeast States Civilian Conservation Corps Museum, Stafford Springs, Connecticut

CCC at Ozark National Scenic Riverways and Museum

Pocahontas State Park  The CCC built the first five State Parks in Virginia.  Pocahontas State Park has the only permanent full time CCC museum in Virginia. The Boys of the CCC built nearly 800 state parks in America.  Along with the WPA, these public works programs created the infrastructure for park systems as we enjoy them today.

Watoga State Park Brochure  The CCC museum is  referred to  in the brochure.

Civilian Conservation Corps Museum, Rhinelander, Wisconsin

Civilian Conservation Corps Museum, Guernsey, Wyoming

Other Links

African Americans in the Civilian Conservation Corps

American Field Guide This site has a three-part video on the CCC in Idaho.  Selecting the first video will lead to parts two and three.

CCC Legacy Foundation - Organization website for the Camp Roosevelt CCC Legacy Foundation.  

CCC Memories  Oral history with photographs presented by the New Deal Network.

Civilian Conservation Corps and the National Park Service  This site not only covers the Corps in the National Park Service, but also covers life in the National Park camps as well.

Civilian Conservation Corps Resource Page  This is a Blog on the history of the CCC and information on the book by Robert G. Pasquill, Jr.,
The Civilian Conservation Corps in Alabama.

Alabama CCC in DeKalb County

Alaska CCC

The CCC in California

The CCC in South Carolina State Parks  See also the South Carolina History brochure.

The CCC in Hawaii

The CCC in Idaho

The CCC in Illinois

The CCC in Indiana

The CCC in Iowa

The CCC in Kansas

The CCC in Kentucky

The CCC in Louisiana

The CCC in Minnesota

The CCC in Missouri

The CCC in Montana

The CCC in Nevada

The CCC in New Jersey

The CCC in New Mexico

The CCC in North Dakota

The CCC in Ohio

The CCC in Oregon

The CCC in South Carolina State Parks  See also the South Carolina History brochure.

The CCC in South Dakota

The CCC in Utah

University of Florida Civilian Conservation Corps Oral History Collections

Civilian Conservation Corps Research Guide  The Albert Gore Research Center at Middle Tennessee State University has three small collections related exclusively to the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) and its legacy and recordings and transcripts of interviews with several CCC alumni.  Links provide general information about these holdings.

Colorado State Archives, Civilian Conservation Corps Collection

Colossal Cave National Park  This park is in Arizona.  For someone researching the CCC, it is a source for archived CCC material, including magazines, oral histories and other documents.

Maine CCC Archive

Maryland CCC Part 1, Part 2

Massachusetts CCC

National New Deal Preservation Association This site has an extensive list of books on the CCC and other resources.

North Georgia CCC  The beauty and history of the mountains of North Georgia are highlighted on this site and every place there were mountains...there was the CCC.

North Carolina Civilian Conservation Corps Alumni  An organization dedicated to honoring and upholding the legacy of the Civilian Conservation Corpsmen who served in CCC Camps in North Carolina.

Pennsylvania CCC

Texas CCC

Sublette County Wyoming CCC

USDA Forest Service Lee District Office  Camp Roosevelt was located in the George Washington National Forest on the Massanutten Mountain in Powell's Fort Valley area of Shenandoah County, Virginia.  The Lee District office is a leader in the support of CCC history.  Note that the CCC played an important role in the early days of the Forest Service.  Search for Civilian Conservation Corps on the web page.

The CCC in Virginia

Cades Cove - Great Smoky Mountains National Park
There were several CCC camps in and around Great Smokey Mountains National Park.  At one unknown camp site, you can see that some narcissus had been planted to spell out information about the company.  The image shows some of this sign.