The CCC in West Virginia

The Civilian Conservation Corps had over 4000 CCC camps nationally over the 1933-1942 period of operation with 67 camps* in West Virginia.

In our "Mountain State", some 55,000 young men fought more than 10,000 forest fires!


        built hundreds of bridges

        planted millions of trees we see today

        developed more than 30 state and national parks and parkways

        built thousands of cabins, picnic shelters, lodges and park furniture, lakes and ponds

        swimming pools and MUCH MORE

In 1936 alone, 8 CCC units (about 1600 young CCC enrollees) worked with farmers and developed soil erosion control practices on over 48,000 acres on 918 farms in West Virginia. (Ref: 1936 WVA Blue Book)

On this page, you have access to information and pictures from some of the West Virginia camps.  The camps were built based on a common set of requirements.  A typical CCC camp consisted of 12 wooden buildings; mess hall, four barracks with capacity for 50 men, officer's quarters, garages, tool houses, supply building, and bath houses.  However, they had their unique flavor which you will find by examining the camps listed to the left.

The STATE CCC CAMP MUSEUM honors all former "CCC Boys from everywhere.  Here, we recognize the CCC individual, self achievements and their self-sacrifices; many "Boys" went directly from the 3C's to serve our country in WWII and sometimes to make the ultimate sacrifice. 

We hope after your visit, you too will recognize and expand you appreciation of their collective, lasting achievements on the land...This is really your museum.  It has over 150 CCC items on exhibit with many more waiting for space in our future replica barracks building.  We hope you will come again, and we'd be honored if you became a member of our West Virginia CCC Association.

*Click for a complete listing of camps with number, type, address and dates occupied.