West Virginia State CCC Museum Association

Quiet Dell at Exit 115, I-79

Harrison County

West Virginia




The WVSCCCMA was chartered as a West Virginia corporation in July of 2002.  In June the following year, the Association received the 501(c) 3 designation from the IRS as a tax-exempt, public charitable organization.  WVSCCCMA's major objective is to promote the legacy of the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) of the "Great Depression" days and to recognize the many achievements of the former CCC members wherever they served in the CCC.

The organization's founder is Dr. Bob Anderson. The Association's board meets at least four times annually and our general membership at least once a year. We have a growing membership of individuals and families, who reside throughout the eastern US, ranging from Florida to New Jersey and west, to St Louis.

Since the program thrust of WVSCCCMA is public education, we operate and manage a state CCC camp museum. The museum is located on a two acre M/L site, a park like setting, on the grounds of the historic Quiet Dell schoolhouse conveniently located near Interstate 79 in Harrison County. Interstate attraction signs are posted on either side along the North-bound and South-bound lanes at Exit 115. One of two replica barracks buildings currently houses additional memorabilia. The other is currently being outfitted as a replica barracks.  A 1931 Model AA Ford 1 ton truck is housed in an onsite barn.

Some of the milestones achieved by WVSCCCMA to date are:

         Enhanced display areas and venue in the main museum

         Productive meetings with local, county and state leaders

         Establishment of a teacher student recognition program for their CCC education work with implementation in Marion County (2004)
         and in Harrison County (2005) and homeschool programs.

         Launch of a successful youth and  adult CCC education outreach program

         The design and provision of standard teacher in-service CCC curricula for social studies and history teachers

         The design and establishment of this website to publicize CCC achievements and its legacy to a wide audience                

         Establishment by the West Virginia Legislature and now enacted into law via resolution 12, an official state CCC recognition Day
         to be celebrated every year on March 31.

Please contact any of the following board members if you have questions, or comments.

Reggie Rogers, President             304 969 9110      reggierogers441@gmail.com

Joy Winet, Treasurer                     304 367-0872    jwinet@ma.rr.com

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