Camp Bowers,  Company 2594, S-62

Camp Bowers, Randolph County, was established July 1, 1935. The camp was located at the head of Mill Creek, in the vicinity of Whitman Knob. Over 200 CCC men were assigned to develop the forest's resources. They had the distinction of being the highest elevation of any CCC camp in West Virginia. They developed Kumbrabow State Forest, engaged in fire hazzard reduction, forest stand improvements, recreational development and wildlife surveys. They also built fire towers, trails, roads on state and private property. Kumbrabow is made up of three important individual names: West Virginia Governor H. Guy Kump, Spates Brady, and Hubert Bowers, all responsible for acquiring the land for Kumbrabow State Forest at which the CCC Boys worked.  Camp Bowers remained open until 1941.  Photos courtesy of the DeMark Family.

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Camp Bowers, Pickens Road, Winter 1937.

John DeMark outside of barracks.

John DeMark friend, Robinson, at water tower.

Recreation Building, Winter 1937-1938.

John DeMark and friend with bobcat.

Shooting pool at Recreation Building.