Camp Hutton, Company 2597, F-22

Camp Hutton, was located in Randolph County, abouut 40 miles south of Elkins near the base of Cheat Mountain. The camp was situated near the intersection of State Route 26 and US Route 250 and began operations on July 10, 1935.

The men of this company were assigned forest service projects: fire-fighting, tree-planting, surveying, telephone line extension. One of their major projects was construction of fire tower lookout stations such as the famous, often photographed lookout station that serviced Gaudineer Knob.

The knob is the site of many valuable virgin trees still standing, thanks to the fire protection work of these CCC enrollees. Some of these virgin spruce and hardwoods are over 3 feet in diameter and over 300 years old. The site is a major tourist attraction with rare unusual endangered species of wild life. Overlooks built by the CCC are visited by many each year.

rom time to time some from CCC Company 2597 were also on attached work assignment to administrators at Camp Thornwood in Pocahontas County. These pictures and captions were provided by the late Sam Davis, a former Camp Hutton enrollee. Unfortunately, the photos below are copies of copies.  If you have any Camp Hutton photos, we would be glad to hear from you.

The CCC camp closed in May , 1938 when all the men were transferred to Camp Delmue in Pioche, Nevada.

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Wide-angle view of Camp Hutton.

Wide-angle view of Camp Hutton.

Camp Hutton begins.

Inside of barracks.

Inside a Camp Hutton barracks.

Some early Camp Hutton boys.

Camp Hutton boys.

On detached service to Camp Thornwood.
Camp Hutton tree planting crew.

Leaving Camp Hutton.

Leaving Camp Hutton.

Gaudineer Knob firetower

Gaudineer Knob firetower

Sam Davis (far left) and Charles Piercy ) far right.
Charles' son Charles, Jr is Vice president of this CCC Museum Association.
Camp Hutton reunion.