Camp Tygart,  Company 2584, SCS-6

Camp Tygart was established on September 14, 1935 by CCC leaders and enrollees of CCC Compny 2584. The camp was located near Dailey, south of Elkins and Beverly in Randolph County.
A major, unique thrust of Camp Tygart's mission was to assist with residential drinking water supply establishment in the nearby, newly established Arthurdale-like homestead community and also sewage treatment development for the individual homes in this neighboring community.
These homes south of Dailey are still flourishing, well-maintained and still occupied today and can be seen along US Route 219 and some 1000 yards or more to the east of 219. The CCC camp, located near the intersection of State Route 21 and US 219, and its barracks are long gone, the camp having been abandoned and its barracks closed  for the last time in the spring of 1942.
However, during their six plus years of service, the CCC enrollees of Camp Tygart worked on many soil conservation projects helping local farmers with erosion control, soil fertility, flood water run-off control, road-building, etc.
The men of Camp Tygart continued throughout their camp existence to support the local Eleanor Roosevelt-inspired homestead commmunity. Their successful work in this regard is evidence, a prime example, as to how the CCC and other, various "New Deal" entities crossed agency lines to work together in the 1930's for the common good of local citizens all over Amerrica.

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  Hugh Hebb at Valley Head camp in 1934.