Education Materials

This page has resources for educational uses including lesson plans and can be used in conjunction with materials found on other pages on this site.  See the Other Resources page, accessible from the Main Menu on the homepage of this site for books specifically written about the CCC in West Virginia.  These books provide supberb reources for any kind of educational use.

Roosevelt's Tree Army

This unit, produced by the Learning to Give Curriculum Division of The League, focuses upon the volunteer efforts and revitalization of our country, which surfaced during the Great Depression under the leadership of Franklin D. Roosevelt.

"Two Birds, One Stone"

This unit has been prepared by St. Louis' Home of Education, Arts and Culture as part of their Social Studies curriculum.  A documentary called "Two Birds, One Stone".  Perhaps this video is available from
St. Louis' Home of Education, Arts and Culture.

 "Designing Civilian Conservation Corps Style Tinwork and Woodcarving"

This unit was produced by the National Park Service Teaching with Museum Collections for Bandelier National Monument.
Although this lesson plan focuses on tinwork and woodcarving unique to New Mexico, the lesson plan can be used as a model or template for teaching about other handiwork and crafts produced by CCC boys in West Virginia.  

"African-Americans and the New Deal’s Civilian Conservation Corps"

This lesson explores that struggle and its implications for the New Deal's impact on American society; it examines a series of documents written by New Deal officials, including the President that concerned black CCC workers. It also considers documents that present the CCC from the perspective of black participants and observers.

This unit was produced by EDSITEment of the National Endowment for the Humanities.  EDSITEment offers subject-based access to top humanities sites, EDSITEment lesson plans, and at-home activities.

"Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) History and the Great Depression"

This 5 Lesson Depression Unit will view this difficult time through the focused lens of the Civilian Conservation Corps. (CCC) These lessons will address the larger national themes of Relief, Recovery and Reform, New Deal Race Relations, Agricultural and Environmental Crisis, and American Culture during the Depression.