Activities at the Museum

On August 20, 2014 the Museum acquired a large collection of CCC material, The Larry Sypolt Family CCC Collection.  Hundreds of CCC artifacts were added to the West Virginia State CCC Museum Association Collection.   Combined with the many other CCC artifacts, the Sypolt Collection is a big plus for The Museum archives.

Sypolt shadow box.

Shadow box from the Sypolt Collection.

Sypolt artifacts.

Sypolt artifacts.

Ruth Justice, Curator

Ruth Justice, Board member of Charleston, Curator of the West Virginia CCC Museum, reorganizes.

Reorganized Wall

The reorganized Wall of the Museum.
Rearranged Locker Memorabilia

Rearranged CCC Locker memorabilia.

New Display Case

New Display Case just put into use courtesy of the State of West Virginia, the Harrison County Commission, and the Clarksburg Harrison Cultural Foundation.

Charlie Piercy, CCC Association Vice President, Harlan Frederick, Bob Anderson, Shirley Bingman (left), board members and Mrs. Piercy

Susan Flanigan, daughter of a former CCC Boy, James Bennett. Mr. Bennett
served at Camp Seeber and Camp Hutton in WV from 1934 to 1936.
Mrs. Flanigan donated the team jacket she is holding to the CCC camp museum.

Charlie Piercy holding a composite picture of Camp Hutton where his father was stationed.  It turns out that Charlie's father and Susan Flanigan's father were together at the camp and are both in the group shot. Susan was delighted to find her father's picture here. Charlie and Susan had not met prior to this informal event at the museum.