John Claypool Boling



John Boling was born September 26, 1915 in Mount Vernon, Ohio.  Prior to joining the CCC he had been hired out to a local farmer who provided room and board with John hoeing corn and doing other jobs for ten cents a day.  He became aware of the CCC and applied since his family was on relief.  He was inducted into the CCC at Fort Knox, Kentucky on January 3, 1935 where he received clothing and initial inprocessing.  He was then assigned to Company 532, a private soil erosion company, in McArthur, Ohio where he served from January 8, 1935 until July 10, 1935.  His entire unit was then transferred to Clifftop, West Virginia and became Company 532, SP-6.  He worked as a mechanic and truck driver.  Company 532 constructed Hawks Nest State Park near Ansted, West Virginia.

He met Marjorie Skaggs, a local girl, whom he later married. John was well liked and his name appeared several times in the camp newspaper, Camp Crazy Critics. He was discharged on September 23, 1940 after serving nearly six years and having attained the rank of Leader.  John was quite proud of his time in the CCC and it was reflected in his values as he raised a family of four children. After being discharged from the CCC he worked at Dupont Chemical Company in Charleston, West Virginia.  After Dupont, he worked in the coal mines in Webster County, and then later got a job at Cooper Bessemer in Mount Vernon, Ohio, his home town.  After that, he worked for the Flxible Bus Company in Loudenville, Ohio and retired on February 27, 1981.  John died on March 13, 1987.