Thurman R. Wolfe



The West Virginia State CCC Museum Association inducted Thurman R. Wolfe of Harrison County, West Virginia into the WVCCCMA 2012 Hall of Fame on. Mr. Wolfe was born June 17, 1920 on a farm at Willow Beach, near Clarksburg, West Virginia,  Wolfe attended Norwood Grade and Jr. High, as well as Roosevelt Wilson High School while spending most of his youth in the little town of Stonewood, West Virginia.

Wolfe joined the Civilian Conservation Corps January 6, 1937 and served until March 31, 1939 on the eve of World War II in Europe.  As did many in those dark days of the Great Depression, Thurman fibbed about his age in order to join the CCC (age 16 and one half).  He served at Camp Rhododendron at Cooper's Rocks, northeast of Morgantown, West Virginia. “When I signed up for the CCC, it was the best day of my life. I had never been away from home before and I learned fast how to take care of myself.” Thurman enjoyed working in the kitchen and learned to be handy there. “It rubbed off on me. I could cook up a good, healthy meal, and keep a clean kitchen.” He worked on a number of projects at Cooper Rock, now Coopers Rock State Park, West Virginia.  “Our family was poor and the pay I got really helped them get by. And, I felt good because I earned my pay.” He commented. " I also learned to understand the value of a good education. So after my service in the CCC, I went back and graduated from RW (Roosevelt Wilson)  high school in 1942.”

The war was going strong in 1942, when Wolfe enlisted in the U.S. Navy. He served 37 months. He was first stationed in Hawaii and then on Midway.  Thurman Wolfe served his Nation with distinction and valor.
Our honoree retired in 1974 with 33 years with PPG (Pittsburgh Plate Glass). “I have the fondest memories and the highest regard for the CCC program and all those who served in it." He exclaimed proudly "And, I love being a West Virginia Mountaineer."  Mr. Wolfe was inducted into the West Virginia State CCC Hall of Fame at the annual WVCCCMA Spring Reunion, Saturday, April 14, 2012.