Then and Now
Raymond Dautherty Then


Raymond Daugherty, former CCC enrollee at Camp Hardy is pictured (foreground) hard at work in the orderly room along with Mess Sergeant, Carl Snyder. When the officers of the camp learned Raymond was experienced at typing and other office work, they soon took him away from bush-hogging and trail-making in the local countryside and made him  Company Clerk. The picture is dated in the 1936-37 time frame. In his limited spare time, he was also one of the camp's newspaper editors and a good athlete in camp sports.

According to Nancy Powell, Director of the Lost River Museum who kindly donated the picture to the WVa CCC camp museum, Raymond made excellent use of his leadership skills acquired in the CCC later in life.

After his role in the 3Cs, Raymond became Comptroller at a major poultry processing company, the Rockingham plant in Moorefield, WV. Now in retirement, Mr. Daugherty is one of most active life members in support of the CCC camp museum.

He  keeps busy in several ways, as shown in the 2003 newspaper article (below) including writing about the Cs and other good things about West Virginia. This published author has been the invited speaker at several symposia and has his books for sale all over in upscale book stores, including Tamarack.

Raymond Daughtery Now