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 EntryNo: 86
 Date: Tuesday
10:52 AM

Jerry Boling

 Because of so much spam in the Guestbook, this forum had been  moderated.  However, we experienced problems with the Guestbook and it is now inactive.  We have now found a replacement.

We lost the ability to send email to those who signed the old Guestbook but we have retained the entries.   If you wish to have your email address available, either for others who may want to contact you or for The Museum Association to get in touch with you, please send an email to admin@wva-ccc-legacy.org and we will enter it here.  Or you can sign the new guestbook by clicking Guestbook here.

For those seeking information about an individual who was in the CCC, please go to the Homepage and click on the link, Research on CCC Camps or Enrollees on the Menu. You will be led to detailed information on how to proceed.

Jerry Boling
Website Administrator

 EntryNo: 84
 Date: Friday
11:12 AM

Brian Zickefoose

My Grandfather was a proud member of a CCC camp and told me many stories growing up about working for the Conservation Corp..I cant wait to come see this musuem.

 EntryNo: 83
 Date: Monday
03:29 PM

Steve Shaluta

My father Steve Shaluta and my uncle John Shaluta were both enrolled in the CCC. I know Uncle John was at Camp Tygart in Randolph County, but I'm not postive that my father was there. Any pictures or newletters from Camp Tygart would be greatly appreciated.

 EntryNo: 82
 Date: Friday
08:35 PM

Calvin Bennett

Would like to know how to find more picture from the CCC camps, F-8 1539 at Frenchburg Kentucky. Hoping to find pictures of my Dad.

 EntryNo: 81
 Date: Monday
08:09 PM

M. Humphreys

I'm so glad that folks are honoring the young men in West Virginia's CCC camps. My father, Cecil C. Teets, was in the CCC's. I believe he was at Camp Parsons, but I'm not positive. Thanks.

 EntryNo: 80
 Date: Sunday
12:15 PM

Gerald Brennan

I wrote my masters thesis on the CCC. Am willing to share copies of it with historians, who might be interested.

My brother John P. Brennan served in the CCC.

 EntryNo: 79
 Date: Friday
10:46 AM

Bob Mundell

My Dad, Guy Mundell, and late Father in Law Howard Workman, were both in the CCC at Camp Tygart in Randolph Co. WV.
They both spoke highly of their experience there.
My Dad is 93 and still talks about the guys he served with and the work they done.
I still have several of the Camp newsletters, and 2 Company pictures from Camp Tygart,that I have been thinking of donating to the Museum if they were wanted.

 EntryNo: 78
 Date: Wednesday
03:42 PM


My aunt Virginia Nelson from Petersburg wv , was part of the eary years of the WV CCC camps

There were around 8500 women in the CCC. The women's organization was originally known by another name, but because the origin was associated with the CCC, women in the CCC stuck.

Jerry Boling
Website Administrator

 EntryNo: 77
 Date: Saturday
10:32 AM

elizabeth b stover

my dad bernice a coleman was in the ccc camp .i believe he worked at hawks nest .can anyone give me info on this ? he went out of long branch wv . did anyone know him?

 EntryNo: 76
 Date: Thursday
01:42 PM

Robert E. Molinaro

My interest is discovering when and where my father participated in a CCC camp in West Virginia or perhaps Ohio in the late '30s.

 EntryNo: 75
 Date: Friday
01:25 PM


i served in the ccc out in BELTON MT.from 2'20'42 untill 7'20'42 at age 15 years old.the next year i went into the NAVY. AT AGE 16 I PUT 30 MONTHS ON THE DESTROYER USS MACKENZIE DD614 .RETIRED FROM THE DUPONT CO.AFTER 36 YR.I AN NOW 84 AN STILL KICKING. JOE DEVINE PHILA.PA.

 EntryNo: 74
 Date: Sunday
08:32 PM

Jim Crites

Earnest W. Crites is my dad.He was in the CCC Camp in Berkley Springs WV. I am not sure of the date. He married my mom Sept 1939, after he came home. Dad is in the E A Hawse Nursing Home at Baker Wv. I have a group picture taken where he was stationed and would like to have names for the men. I can be emailed at the address noted. My dads dob is 6/13/21 thanks for any help in advance. Jim Crites 3 Spruce Ave Petersburg Wv 26847

 EntryNo: 73
 Date: Friday
07:32 AM

James Hinebaugh

My father (Morris Hinebaugh) was a member of the CCC and worked in WV. As a teenager he brought me to many places in WV to trout fish in the areas he had worked. He passed in 1980 but his time with the CCC was one of the fondest memories of his life. I still camp and fish in many of the parks and camping areas created by my Dad and other people like him while members of the CCC.

 EntryNo: 72
 Date: Friday
11:18 AM

jimmy ray walters


 EntryNo: 71
 Date: Thursday
08:10 PM

Dixie Curtiss

Mr. Anderson

I am with Marion Country Historical Society and Museum. I have been ask by Dora to make up a list of website's and emails, that we can give out to people who contact us wanting information about West Virginia history.

Would it be okay to include you on our list of contacts.
Thank you for your help.

 EntryNo: 70
 Date: Monday
05:51 PM

Paula Gross

I have only heard rumors that my father was in CCC. I hate to send money I do not have if it isn't true. Is there some list that I may check prior to getting records? His name was Robert Lionel Gross bd 4/29/29

 EntryNo: 69
 Date: Tuesday
11:22 AM

debi heis payne

does any one ought there have a pic..of Walter John Payne...he spend his time at Camp Seneca...he was from webster county, wv...PLEASE!!!!

 EntryNo: 68
 Date: Tuesday
10:45 AM

Scott Deusenberry

Something like this should happen again, then our nations young men could learn to work again. They are now in need of a handout, this would be a hand up.

 EntryNo: 67
 Date: Sunday
05:40 AM

Tom Morgan

I recently found a CCC lapel pin for a surveyor, I think. It is a shield shape, with a black banner and the letters CCC, below the banner half the shield is white with a silver transit, the other half blue with two evergreen trees. All in all the lapel pin is about 1/2 inch tall. Anyone with information on that type pin is welcome to email me.